A non-FPL view of the FPL community

Do you think you are the very best at FPL? Do you know lots of the Blue tick FPL brigade? Are you good at giving out retrospective advice? Do you know who are the strong passers are? Are you the greatest mind in FPL?…IF you have answered yes to all these things you most probably will be an FPL EXPERT.

Now let us be real for a minute here. If you have answered yes to all those things me and you cannot be friends, amigos, pals, muckers, confidantes, comrades, buddies or anything else. I am writing this for someone who once again has made a stand. Chef wants to make a change within the small FPL community. We have to get away from all the “expert analysis” and jobs for the boys mentality that has been too easy to ignore.

Who the fuck am I?

You are definitely wondering who I am as I have no followers to speak of. I do not have FPL in my name and rarely post about FPL, all of the above is why. I’m getting tired of seeing the same old stuff trotted out “top 13 captains for this week”, “uber differentials below 20% TSB” and so on and so on. I am sick of seeing “expert” opinion banded about like it is gospel. Hopefully from now and moving into next season we can help change this mentality. The mentality that it is all about the retweets and likes and it is actual content that people want to read.

Back to where it all began

Now when I first started looking at FPL a little bit more seriously I probably did what a lot of people in the community did which was type FPL into search and start following some of the accounts that had hundreds and hundreds of followers.

As you would rightly think, people with this amount of followers know what they are talking about compared to FPLVirgin who has 69 followers. But what I found and still find today is that if you lined a load of those accounts up its just regurgitating the same type of stuff and retweeting the other regurgitated articles etc, so while it looks good numbers wise and content wise is ok, it is not ground breaking and by no means is it expert advice. There are some good accounts that cater for Stats, graphics etc but for me FPL is about making your own choice and I am 100% confident that not following all those “big” accounts for next season and just talking to my handful of likeminded folk I could get by.

“People have had enough of experts” Michael Gove

Let us look into what the definition of Expert is – ‘A Person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area’. So if you look to an expert for anything they should be well versed in the subject at hand. Having gained knowledge from either prior experience or well done research and be adept at the field thing they are an expert in.

So you would think that the experts would be doing well every season and as they have the knowledge and skill they would be challenging all those pesky Scandinavians for the tops spots. Wrong they are just like me and you as IMHO its mostly luck and how you deal with those cards you are dealt like when Kane gets injured a week before you want to triple captain him!!

Don’t ever be lured into that they have 300k followers, a patreon (more on that at a later date) that you must use their advice and content on your own team, it’s yours!!! Do not get me wrong I talk with others and share thoughts but ultimately it is me that clicks confirm and not that of an expert, and I have found that not focussing on what others are doing with their teams or and focussing on the information I need and then making it relevant to me I have been flying since Christmas…. And most of that is luck and a little planning.

I guess the long on short of what is my first ever FPL article is trying to get across is that… Not one person you will meet can ever become an FPL expert, it’s a myth as FPL is a game of luck, a game of which you can become knowledgeable about its nuances and rules. However it can never be truly classed as skilful as to be skilful implies that you have mastered one thing generally the same thing over and over and over again. For instance I am skilful at a feint shot and go round the keeper move in PES 6 (RIP my sweet game) it’s just done so much that it is habit.

Thanks for reading

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Chefs Final Take

Thanks Si for writing me an article I am sure there is more to come. It is interesting taking in the view of someone who is not a FPL account. There are certainly some valid points and I think some accounts need to give their head a wobble. But this is why the website has been created, I aim to bring back the old spirit of the community but its small steps for now.

While your here my latest podcast just dropped get it in your ears! 


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