An Open Letter To The FPL Community

Now then fuckers! Thought I would take this opportunity to address you all in the written word seeing as I couldn’t record a pod this week due to illness. I had made a draft of this post that was basically me being a bitch and apologising for my actions then I came to my senses and was like what the actual fuck!

I apologise to exactly no one, I am glad I was a strong exposer of the frauds and that people woke up. Although it would appear that not enough people did as the selling off of the community continues and appears to be reaching fever pitch.

What I have realised though is that I cannot keep going rounds attacking people for no reason. Whilst I retain the right to call people out as cunts when I feel it is warranted, if I am not trying to change things then I am also part of the problem. It is all well and good sitting here making noise about how shit things are it is another to try and change things to how you think they ought to be.

So this website is the next step in my attempt at bringing a sense of community back to the FPL community. From my time with the Fantasy Football Pundits I know more than most about the back end of websites and how to promote content (thanks Leon I know you are probably not a fan of what I did but you gave me a great education, maybe we can go for a beer one day and draw a line under things). With this in mind I want to create not just a website and content but I suppose in the long term community within the community. But that is a long way off and this is just the next step in creating that. 

What I want to create is a website that posts all different kinds of content, stats, eye test, spoof and also just straight football content. It will not just me posting I have  already spoken tentatively to other people about creating content together and making a different kind of FPL website. But its not just about the website it is also about interaction. Posting content does not equate to making a community, a community needs to have interaction, and that is something that starts with me. SO many times I have seen accounts get too big for their boots and forget where they have come from and that is something I will never do. 

There will be slack chats, there will be WhatsApp groups and twitter group chats, all of these will be free of charge. I will never charge for anything like that because back in the day we used to put these things together for the fun of it.

Myself I will be carrying on with the podcast and then I will be looking at doing some stuff that I do not think has been done before in the community. In my time away I spoke with FPL Partridge in DM now and again and he really got my creative juices flowing regarding FPL and what is possible. He made me want to make peace with the community to an extent and be creative. So you can all blame him for my return and sowing that seed.

The website as it stands is currently a work in progress, I have not even starting editing the theme I installed from WordPress yet. I just wanted to get the project off the ground and get people making content. The big push will happen in pre-season when I start releasing the new content for the minute it will house the pod and any written content I or one of the team I am putting together write. 

Not that I expect official FPL to take any notice of me, I have upset the apple cart too much. But what I realised when I was on hiatus was that I don’t need them, I used to think I needed acknowledgement from them, from big accounts, but you know what no I fucking don’t. I mean who are these people? Faceless people, with faceless accounts spouting politically correct BBC style answers. I mean some of the nerds about in the community may be interested in that but not me. I would like to think that people follow me and buy into what I do because they know I am legit. They know that even though I am a bit of a loose cannon I have integrity. 

I want to get into the elitism in the community I see at the moment but I think that is best left for a blog post for another day as this post is in danger of getting a bit long.

If you are interested in being involved in this project then get at me in DM I will give anyone a shot and help you out with editing etc. But it is time for me to stop rambling as this has gone on long enough. I will do my best to change things and how I see the community going all I need is you lot to get involved and share content when it starts going live.



4 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The FPL Community

  1. Great Idea. This is really the kind of website I like and the type of community I want to belong to. I am all in.
    And no, you dont have to apologise if what you said is heartfelt. We all know what is going on and some may say : “Fair enough while others may say Hang on a second”
    Keep the good work. We will all contribute with content.

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