FPL £5.5m mids 20/21

FPL £5.5m mids are where you need to do your research, or you can just wait till uncle chef posts an article and he will have done the research for you. These are were the small gains are made and if you make enough small gains over the season they add up. So sit back relax and grab a beer or coffee and be prepared for uncle chef to shower you in FPL £5.5m mids goodness.

FPL £5.5m Mids

These guys are important, we call them enablers. Some you will keep for the season some you will just want to transfer in when they hitting some kind of form. Jumping between them is key as these guys not only have streaky points returns but you can also ride the price rises. I will now give you my opinion and the stats you need to make your own choices.

Jack Harrison 

Its no secret I am a Leeds fan, I love Jack Harrison been a great signing on loan for us the last two seasons. We have secured the loan for a third season and will activate the £8m buy clause at the end of the season. He could be a good FPL £5.5m mid, if he can make the step-up to the Premier League. I thought he improved a lot this season but he will need to kick on again. Let us take a look at his stats. 


Harrison primarily played on the left hand side of our attack, giving us width. He would often try and beat his man and get in the box for a cutback. Harrison averages 6.06 dribbles per game, and 4.61 crosses, he managed 9 assists whilst generating 0.2 xA per match. His assists and expected assists where nearly in line with each other (0.18/0.2). He averaged 1.63 shot assists per game also. 

Attacking Potential

When it comes to goals I know that finishing was something that Harrison was working on. He managed 6 goals which was an improvement on last season albeit with more minutes this season. 

What Harrison has improved is getting into danger areas to take shots from. As you can see from the shot map he shoots from the left hand corner of the box. This makes him dangerous he averaged 0.12 goals but his xG was 0.21 that is quite the under performance. Although underperforming xG is infectious so it is hardly surprising. Hopefully he can improve again and grab more goals. 

Looking at the signings we have made his place in the left looks safe and he will be the starter when fit. If I don’t get Pablo Hernandez, Harrison will be my next Leeds pick, I really like his price and he will be amongst some of the best value in that range in my opinion.

Allan Saint-Maximan

When it comes to ranking FPL £5.5m mids, Saint-Maximan is an absolute Hollywood blockbuster of a pick. I genuinely get excited when I see him play. His dribbling ability is second to none, he lacks a little end product but he is still only 23 so that will come. But does his blockbuster skills cloud our judgement or is he a genuine pick. I will leave that up to you but I will give you all the information you need. 


As you can see he takes up residence on the left hand side mainly but can pop up on the right hand side too. I have already spoken about his dribbling ability he averages a ridiculous 11.17 dribbles per match which according WyScout is the most of anybody in the top 5 leagues. 

92 points last season, certainly not he best returns, I think if you was holding any of the FPL £5.5m mids over the season then you would be wanting at least triple figure returns. He is not helped by how defensive Newcastle were but I suppose that could not be helped especially when Joelinton got injured. 

Newcastle look to be doing some good business in this transfer window however. They are rumoured to be in for Jamal Lewis, Callum Wilson and Ryan Fraser. All 3 will be good bits of business in my opinion. If these moves materialise then it will certainly help with the attacking load that fell on Saint-Maximan last season. That being said let’s take a look at some of his stats. 


Allan Saint-Maximan’s goal involvements over the season were 5 goals and 4 assists. nothing spectacular, yielding an average of 0.19 goals and 0.15 assists per 90. The xA was bang in line with his assists, his xG was 0.12 a slight over performance. This is across all competitions he only scored 3 and assisted 3 in the league.

If you look at the shot map you can see he does get a lot of shots on target but they are speculative efforts. He averages 2.14 shots per match and has a high accuracy of 51 percent. However the criticism would be that he shoots from too far away. If you was Steve Bruce then you would be wanting him to shoot closer to the goal.

Creatively he only averages 1.18 shot assists you would want that to be a little higher too if you were picking him in your team. I think that Newcastles lack of fit strikers will have contributed to this however. 

In Conclusion

I like ASM a lot, I think there is many attributes to like about him. What I don’t like is how little he returns. He got most of his returns in a 6 game period the backend of the season. Maybe that is the trick with him identify where he hits form and jump on quickly. He has 2 good opening fixtures but then Tottenham, Burnley and Man United. Not the greatest fixtures, I would be far more interested in him from GW6 or 7 onwards. Which puts ASM into wildcard territory. 

If Newcastle sign the attacking players that they have been linked too I think that ASM becomes a very interesting pick. I don’t know if Newcastle fans will be excited for the coming season. But from an FPL point of view Newcastle look really interesting. 

Naby Keita – Baby Keith 

We need to have a conversation about Naby, criminally under priced. I know its a Liverpool slot but I do not give two fucks. He has had his injury problems that’s for sure and a lot of what I am about to say will depend on him maintaining fitness. But believe me if he stays fit he will be a monster in his price bracket. I plan on picking him from the start but it is a big gamble. What I like most about him is he can dribble with the ball and get into danger areas. He is just a player I am really sweet on so you’re getting a little bit of him in this article! Let’s look at his stats from the back end of last season. 

Out of all the FPL £5.5m mids I am talking about in this article he shades it in the stats department. He scored 4 goals and got 3 assists over all competitions for Liverpool but per 90 his stats read better, do not forget he was injured for part of the season. But he averaged 0.22 goals per game with an xG of 0.25. He also averaged 1.83 shots per game hitting the target 42 percent of the time. Also managing 1 shot assist per game resulting in 0.17 assists and 0.14 xA.

Fine looking at his stats he is not a monster but for the price and if you keep for a while he will return points. I think that Liverpool and City are still clear of the rest. Chelsea could well join them as they have had a madness of a transfer window however they will need time to gel so it may come to soon for them. But if Liverpool dominate Naby has a role to play, hopefully his Ryvita knees hold up and he can show people why Liverpool paid so much for him.

Bukayo Saka

There has been a lot of chatter on twitter about Sako. As a player I really like I think he has a big future. Last season he managed 71 points but to be fair to him their was a uptick in his attacking output from when Arteta took over as manager at Arsenal. 

Sako had 6 assists over the season 5 of which came after Arteta signed up as the new gaffer. Over the season this works out 0.16 per game. Under Arteta he has spent a lot of time as a left wing back or left back. if we look at his numbers from that position they are encouraging.

Left Wing-Back

He averaged 0.3 assists from that defensive position, which is a over performance on his xA as that is 0.1. He also managed 3.46 crosses per game finding his man 23.2% of the time. He averages 0.89 shot assists per game which I honestly thought would be higher. You get a slight chance of a shot at goal as he managed 0.65 shots at goal from this defensive position. 

I am not an Arsenal fan so I don’t know where he starts in their team. They have recruited Willian who can play on either flank, so I imagine that this puts him at left-back again? I honestly do not know my advice speak to some Arsenal fans see if they think he starts. But as you can see even as a reverse out of position he still gets in the points just a shame that he isn’t a defender in FPL as he would have racked up the points. 

Grady Diangana

I was about to finish up this article then something told me to check this kid out. So I will give you a really quick look at Diangana and his stats because they are really encouraging even if it were in the Championship. 

9 goals and 6 assists last season, predominantly playing on the left but would also show up on the right. He did over-perform his xG recording 4.83, average goals per 90 0.38 versus 0.2 xG. As you can see from his shot map he does like a shot from outside the box tending to shoot across the keeper. He averaged 2.11 shots per match with an accuracy of 44%.

He is at his most dangerous cutting in from the left and getting into the box. This kid could be a wildcard and I know that Baggies fans rate him highly. The few times I watched him last season I was impressed and I can see why they have made this loan move permanent. 


Finishing Up

Hopefully I have helped you with your dilemmas for those midfield enablers. There will be no doubt someone who I have not covered in this article who bangs. Personally I think I will be going with 3 FPL £5.5m mids in my team. The pricing this year is really good, its certainly going to be an interesting season from an FPL perspective. Oh and before any nerds wanna start about my stats they’re off Wyscout I do not use understat or whatever you lot use so if you disagree with my stats take it up with them. 

Thanks for reading much love xxx

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  1. Thanks Chef! It is always wonderful to read your article.
    Podence has a good fixtures from gameweek 3 but dont know whether he will start or his stats.

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