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Our panel will answer the burning questions all FPL managers will be pondering heading into each game week, to make those agonising decisions easier.

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Your #FPLsquaretable Gameweek 12 panel

Kylie is one third of Popular FPL Podcast @3AmigosFPL  She is a Keen FPL player, as well as being an active member of the community  she is also a  lover of coffee as anyone who follows her on twitter will know. 


Linn is a Liverpool fan who lives in Norway and an FPL addict. She loves a stat and will trade FPL advice for cookies so well worth a twitter follow. 


Nymfria is the host of @FPLWildcats and a FPL blogger and youtuber , be sure to subscribe to her channel youtube.com/FPLNymfria

Amy is a longstanding member of the FPL community and an even longer suffering Newcastle fan , be sure to give her a follow and wish her happy birthday today !









>With Liverpool and City clashing this week and some favourable looking home fixtures , can you see the temptation to use the free hit chip , rather than saving it for a blank or double game week ?

I think there can always be a temptation to reach for the Free Hit when a reasonable percentage of your players are pitted against one another a la Liverpool and City this week. But I wouldn’t. Firstly because this could be a high scoring match with both desperate to win, and secondly because unlike other chips which don’t always prove fruitful for doubles, the Free Hit is invaluable in my view at that tricky part of the season.
Unless you only have defenders from LFC/City I would not recommend it. It is two high scoring teams, which so far have been a bit leaky at the back, so high chance of lots of goals!
Not for me. I like the concept of using it to avoid the ‘big’ team clash, but there’s still so many things FPL may throw up between now and the end of the season that the free hit chip may be better utilised for. For instance, if you had 3 Liverpool assets and 2 of them are defenders, you may wish to use the chip in game week 18 when Liverpool blank, to help tighten up your defensive line. 
Nah, free hit will always be for a blank gameweek for me. That’s for a couple of reasons, using it this week is a bit of a risk as it means you don’t have it for a blank and then you are thinking of other solutions to fielding a full squad. The other issue is that a lot of active teams will use it for blanks/doubles so you’re also out of sync with that and fighting against full squads to maintain your overall rank. I’m not saying it couldn’t pay off this week but even if it does you’ve got the headache of what to do on the blank(s) further down the line.

> After this game week Liverpool have a nice looking run of fixtures , if you’re looking for the full quota of 3 players do you go 2 Liverpool defenders and one midfielder/attacker or one defender and two attacker/midfielders ? 

Im all for a triple up on Liverpool for this run. Given the lack of inspired performances from premium assets we don’t even have quite the same headache as to how to bring them in as normal. Ideally I would like a double up in attack, with Salah and Mane but I would monitor the former in this next match given form and injury clouds. Alternatively one could consider going both Robbo and Trent in defence which should prove lucrative given their attacking output.
Liverpool have not looked as stable in the back as they did last year so I would go with 1 defence and 2 in attack. Although I guess you could say TAA and Robertson are more attackers than defenders! A double up on them might not be bad at all, depends on how you’ve spread your funds. Both TAA and Robbo can match most midfielders in the 7m range, especially with the added points for potential cleansheets. So all in all, I don’t think it is a choice between 1-2 defenders or 1-2 midfielders, I would say it’s a question where you’ve got easy swaps to get the players without having to waste too many transfers and potential point hits.
This very much depends on the structure of your team already I think. It may be easier for you to move one premium defender to a Liverpool one, or you may have a spot further forward which could allow you the likes of Firmino, Salah or Mane. Personally, I prefer attack, but either way funds allowing, I think triple Pool on the fixture turn is a great idea.
Is there even a difference between the attacking potential of a Liverpool defender to midfield?! I’d probably prefer the one defender, two attackers option because there’s nothing worse than seeing 2 clean sheets wiped out in one fell swoop. Having said that, it’s eye-wateringly expensive to have 2 pool attackers unless you’re going totally garbage. Preference would be 1 def, 2 mid/attack but reality and budget wise I’d go 2 defenders. Robbo and Trent being my picks, between the two of them they could go wild.

>With 3 clean sheets in 4 games is it time for a Double up on Sheff Utd defenders ?

It’s a resounding yes for me, though I’d probably opt for Henderson to complement Lundstram rather than an additional defender. With other cheap performing options about in defence, and many unhappy Pope owners looking to ship, it could be ideal with their upcoming fixtures. Just be weary of Henderson missing the United match due to his loan agreement.
Not a bad shout at all! But personally I would wait 3 GWs and their fixtures turn a bit greener again. I would for example prefer two SHU defenders rather than 1 SHU and Tomori. Definitely good value in Sheffield United.
Sheffield United are joint top (with Manchester City) of the clean sheets stats with 5 for the season. Given the price difference between City defenders and the Sheffield United ones, I see no reason why FPL managers can’t take a punt on this solid defence by doubling up.
Absolutely not. No need to double up in my opinion, hardly ever anyway. I think the last time I did it was probably the year Mee and Tarky were sure fire clean sheets which was what, like 3/4 years ago? There’s plenty of decent budget defender options and I’d rather have the team coverage. I also think its actually been really difficult to call clean sheets this year in particular and what looks right on paper hasn’t transpired into reality. Weren’t Leicester meant to struggle at Southampton?

> Best captaincy choice this week ? 

I fancy Mane at home to City while many might swerve (and a potential injury to Ederson). Alternatively Vardy has a great record against Arsenal, and Jimenez at home to Villa could be a savvy differential pick.
So many interesting options this week and I think it’s a week we will actually see a wider spread of our captaincy choices. Personally I think Mané at Anfield could be a good one, rested midweek, currently Liverpools best scoring player and so hungry to win! Another good option is Vardy against a leaky Arsenal. Jimenez, Tammy, could also be good options. My two differential picks would be Son and Pukki.

Vardy or Abraham. Differential: Rashford or Jiménez

Tammy, but I’m kind of just saying that because I don’t have Vardy. If you’re going safety in numbers stick with Vardy. I actually personally detest the man and it’s going to take a lot of internal strength to bring him into my squad but if I do its because I’m scared of overall ownership %.

> Vardy has 7 goals in 5 appearances will he keep the run going at home to arsenal or do you see a blank on the horizon ? 

Undoubtedly Vardy will blank more than once in the coming months, but that’s a reasonable expectation for ANY player. That said I think he scores against Arsenal, and I also fancy him to continue delivering excellent returns in a confident Leicester side. I wouldn’t bet against him this week.
. The thing with Vardy is that he is very consistent, but usually not very explosive, so yeah, I reckon he will score, but possible not more than a goal and maybe a cheeky assist.
Vardy loves a goal against Arsenal, I don’t expect that to be any different this time around given Arsenal’s defence at the moment. Vardy has 8 goals in 8 games against Arsenal, which includes 3 braces. It’s the most goals he has against any club. That said, if it looks too good to be true in FPL, sometimes it is! And, it’s just the way that the big bandwagon of the week, after we’ve all bought them in for that ‘Great’ fixture, blanks. So, there’s every chance another Leicester player could steal the glory in this one, just to frustrate FPL managers.
I think a blank is due, although he does have a habit of going on a run where you think its got to end but doesn’t… painful memories of a viral facebook event in the 15/16 season for Jamie Vardy having a party at St James’ Park *eye roll*. In all seriousness though I think he is a due a blank but I’d rather own him and go through it together than not and see him score yet again. Also I really don’t hold much hope in Arsenal’s defence stopping Vardy this week.


> With 26 points in the last 3 games and priced at just £4.9 is Sheffield United’s Mousset a viable third striker option ?

At a rock bottom price of 4.9 with 3 goals and 3 assists (admittedly the latter in the one match) I would say yes. His minutes aren’t guaranteed but at 7 million more neither are Aguero’s! And to be fair, he’s regularly delivered when coming off the bench.
I would have to say YES! to that one since I just transferred him in for Aguero. Not only because his numbers have been good lately, but he also passes the eye test. Now SHU aren’t very attacking, but if there are goals then I am sure Mousset will be involved.
Yes. The question remains over his minutes. But, for his price, he’s already proven that he can grab attacking returns even from the bench. Hopefully he will remain a great cheap asset for FPL managers.
Mousset at 4.9 was an option I was seriously considering last week as a King replacement and in hindsight really wish I had! I think its totally viable if you’re looking at fielding 3 strikers then definitely. In fact I think I still might do King to Mousset because I am looking at freeing up some cash to upgrade Yarmolenko this week !

> Newcastle have a favourable looking run of fixtures are any of their assets worth owning ? 

Can’t say I’m especially tempted to be honest! And certainly not in terms of their attack given they are second worst behind Watford for goals scored this season. That said they’ve been respectable in defence, landing in the top half of the table for clean sheets and goals conceded. Their defenders have delivered a chunk of the goals scored as well and Willems at 4.5 with 1 goal and 2 assists looks the pick for me if you’re keen.
If one doesn’t fancy a cheap double up on SHU defender, one SHU and one NEW could be a good idea. My order of picking (assuming all is fit) would be Schär, Willems and Lascelles.
In terms of clean sheets, Newcastle have only managed 3 all season. However, I have looked at Willems (£4.5) as a bit of a defensive punt. The fixtures do look favourable and Willems has caught my differential eye with a goal and two assists this season. I’m not convinced yet looking further forward, but this is a team we should all be keeping an eye on for budget assets going forward.
Nah I don’t think so not yet. I’d maybe consider Lascelles but they are so inconsistent they only look tasty because they’ve had an “ok” run but to me that just means we’re in for a painful few weeks. I just think there are better options out there for similar prices, like I’ve mentioned a bit on twitter already I’m looking at Ota to Tomori this week and I’d rather than spend that extra 0.3/0.4 then have Lascelles/Wilhelms. I also should caveat that all of the above is because I need to watch Newcastle hoping for the best anyway never mind chucking FPL into the mix!

> The talk of going big at the back now seems to of come full circle , 3,4,or 5 at the back for the foreseeable future ? 

Given that goals have been unpredictable and many of the cheaper attacking players aren’t doing it anymore (I’m looking at you Cantwell!), the argument for 4 at the back makes sense with the likes of Soyuncu, Rico and Lundstram causing lots of points to be benched recently. I’d suggest a flexible approach to a 3 or 4 man defence depending on the fixtures each week.
No, and I will continue to tease Neil about it for a foreseeable future! There still isn’t more than 3-4 CS out of 20 teams, not good enough odds for me to spend too much of my precious funds in defence. 1-2 premium defenders and the rest as cheap as they come while still playing their 90 minutes.
I’ve barely changed all season, in fact, I barely change at all in FPL. I always side with my attacking players where possible, so almost always play 3 at the back, unless there is a major reason for me to switch this up like an injury.
Yeah its funny how its come full circle, we’re a fickle bunch! So over the last 6 weeks I’ve played 3 at the back 3 times, 4 at the back 3 times. It’s worked out pretty well and I have actually benched a lot of points (both clean sheets and goals from my defenders) so I do think we’re entering an era of “big at the back”. There’s also some great value to be had with the likes of Lundstram, Soyoncu, Rico etc. I try to not look at formation too much going forward or have a formation strategy, I just generally look at fixtures week by week and play the best 11 I can. For people who can say ” I can rotate these two and they’ll always play at home ” etc that’s great, and good on them for researching but that’s not really my jam as one of them will just get injured after a week and I’ll be sad. Pregnancy hormones are a real thing and I refuse to cry over FPL.


> If you were wildcarding this week what three players would be the first on your team sheet based on form and fixtures 

Mane, Vardy and Jimenez for me. I think they each have the potential to deliver strong attacking returns.
 Mané, Vardy and KDB. Crème de la Crème! Who wouldn’t want these guys in their team? I am sick and tired of Pep roulette so the only City players who would have a chance at getting into my team at the moment is KDB and Ederson.
Mane, Abraham and Lundstrum. They aren’t anyone new to anybody, but that’s exactly why I’d have them in my Wildcard, there is a lot to be said for % owned, and building your team around good, in-form players with a high % owned, can only aid you.

Greeeat question… so it would have to be Vardy (sadly). Can’t deny his form and general hype means he would be a must have if on wildcard. I’d go Mane second, Salah seems to be like injured/not 100% and those fixtures suggest he is a great investment long term. 3rd is Lundstram, ride the wave of unfavourable fixtures and reap the awards in December when his fixtures are “green” for 5 weeks. I also just think “never bench Lundstram” is my new motto and he’s become fixture proof to me. He’s also now owned by nearly 40% so you’ve got a double whammy of being left out if he does anything and you don’t have him, but if you’re like me and stuck around that 1.5m mark we should be able to benefit from the 60% that don’t own in OR if he does pull in the points!

> If you had a free transfer available which super low ownership player ( -5% ) would you punt on this week based on form and fixtures ?

Willian at 2.7% ownership has ticked away with 2 goals and 2 assists in recent weeks and has been flying under the radar with much distraction over Hudson-Odoi, Pulisic and Mount. He could prove a savvy pick. Alternatively Willems from Newcastle (1.5%) at home to a suddenly goal shy Bournemouth could be a good choice.

If it was just a one week punt it would probably be Hudson-Odoi because he was rested midweek and is likely to play. Really like the look of him!
This is between Mousset (1.5%) and Maupay (1.8 %) for me. They both have tough fixtures on paper. Mousset has Tottenham and Maupay has Man United. However, neither of these teams have been very solid at the back this season, meaning teams like Sheffield United and Brighton, could really bring the fight in these fixtures, which could easily see these assets get attacking returns this gameweek.
 Jota – bit of a risk with all the continental commitments Wolves have but I have been impressed in how they’ve coped so far. At 6m he isn’t a bad shout with the prem fixture run they’re due and as interest is building in Jiminez, if I wanted to stay in the mix I’d be going Jota. Cue 5 min cameo for ET due to this suggestion. Please don’t @ me.



So there you have it, your questions have been answered by the panel now it’s down to you to make the important decisions for your squad.

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