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Your #FPLsquaretable Gameweek 13 panel

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Ness is a FPL addict based in Canada and one of the all round nicest FPL twitter personalities. 


Nick is one half of the hugely popular website (whogottheassist.com) and podcast @WGTA_FPL


Eric has quickly become one of the most active and engaging accounts in the FPL community. He is always ready to engage and answer your FPL questions, regularly producing high quality analysis threads profiling players new to the Premier League.









> If you were free hitting this week who would be the first 3 names on your team sheet based on fixtures and form?

Hiya folks and first of all thanks for taking the time to give my square table answers a read it’s such a privilege to be writing here and following in the footsteps of some top top managers who’ve been here before me.  Oh this a juicy one , well one of the first names onto my FH team would have to be Harry Kane , we all know how rejuvenated a team can be after a manager gets the boot and I  dare to think what Kane is gonna do to West Ham this weekend oh & especially if he’s seen that cheesy bad Video montage the hammers released about Mourinho. Who allowed that. Tempted to add Son & Eriksen too. But for the purpose of being somewhat realistic Ill go with Vardy & Richarlison. Vardy is the form player and Brighton are feeling a little depleted especially with Dunk suspended. I’ll go Richarlison simply as he’s playing Norwich ( sorry Norwich fans) and I fancy a brace from the Brazilian. (Hope Stephen Toumi isn’t reading this or I could get blocked, loves Richarlison)
Vardy, Mane, and Schmeichel. BORING answer I know.
Vardy would have to be in the team. The man is on fire right now, and is showing some of that amazing form that won Leicester the title a few years back. I would also put Sadio Mane in there. Another player that is putting top notch performances week in week out. For a little bit of a differential I would actually put in Richarlison. Everton haven’t been great and their fixtures are going to stiffen, but Norwich at home looks like a game for the taking and he has been their most prolific player so far this season
Aubameyang, Lacazette, Kane. I give my reasons for the first two players in #5 and #10 below. Harry Kane, however, could be a sneaky play this week. It’s a gamble to try to guess what Mourinho will do with Spurs in his first game as manager, but he tends to get the best out of his center forwards wherever he goes. His opponent this weekend is West Ham, who have conceded 11 goals in their last 5 games, all of which were against poor attacking teams. Regardless of who’s managing Spurs, I would expect Kane to score in this one.

>By His high standards Raheem Sterling is going through a PL slump with only 1 goal and 1 assist in the last 5 , is now the time to ditch him and move to another premium midfielder such as Salah or Mane

.Raheem Sterling Yes he’s hit a slump and hes throwing shapes at England team mates he’s been fined and sent home from England games and it’s all looking a bit dark at the moment for Mr Sterling . With so much money tied up with him it’s just so tempting to say goodbye, & if you don’t have Mane there’s a good chance you are prob looking over there and thinking “I want a piece of that action” BUT… For me he’s a season keeper and I’ve a feeling he will he the top scoring FPL asset this season.  I think we have all the right ingredients for a players who’s about to explode with FPL returns. So remove Mr Sterling at your Peril , I for one will be holding on tightly. 

Okay so first who says we don’t already have Salah or Mane? But even if you don’t my answer is definitely no. He has so much heart and tenacity and never gives up as we saw at the end of the game against Liverpool. Also Pep can’t be a happy camper right now and the big Liverpool lead will have him all fired up and he will do the same to his players. I am sure that Pep is pointing at play boards and yelling and swearing and confusing Kevin as you read this. We just need Raheem to not only shake off his slump but also the events that transpired with the English national team. He has fought critics his whole career. He’ll get past this too
It is a little bit of a dry spell considering what we have expected from Sterling. I think certainly when you compare to him to Mane’s current form a straight swap looks relatively obvious. Chelsea up next is a challenging fixture, but we also know that Sterling oozes class. His underlying stats over this dry spell have remained impressive, and he could easily punish sellers. 
Sterling scored 229 and 234 point in the last two seasons, and he was consistent in neither. His value comes from owning him for the entire season. You need to decide if he’s worth the emotional rollercoaster he’ll take you on. He needs to be either a set-and-forget player on your FPL team or not on your team at all. His points come in waves and it’s impossible to predict when he will haul. You’ll lose out on his points if you try to play the hokey-cokey with him.

>With poch out and Mo in at white hart lane, will you be clamouring to bring in spurs FPL assets this week?

Looks like I covered this in Q2 but personally I won’t as I’ve made my two frees already to avoid these dreaded price rises and drops !! But if I hadn’t I’d def be trying to get either Kane or Son in just to get ahead of the pack. 
No because even though I know about the “manager bounce” I am not sure it applies to this manager. He is not exactly known for team harmony is he? Mind you I have a mug that says “Damn Son” and I constantly feel guilty that I haven’t fit him into my team yet this year. Bad Ness.
As a Spurs fan, I am always thinking about how to fit my own club’s players into the team. However, based on current form I won’t be rushing to get them in quite yet and doing a bit of watching and waiting when it comes to FPL. There will certainly be a bedding period and we know that Mourinho may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I certainly hope for good form and whilst saddened by Poch’s departure am also looking to the future and hoping great things from the club!
This is a tough question, and I don’t feel comfortable advising anyone in either direction. On one hand we’ve seen how a new manager can immediately turn things around for a club. On the other hand, Mourinho hasn’t proven himself to be the same magician he was at Porto, Inter and his first stint at Chelsea. Personally, I’m taking the wait-and-see approach, but I could understand if others might want to gamble and go for the differential.

> Liverpool have a very nice run of fixtures is a triple up essential?

Beautiful run of fixtures ahead for the pool but a triple up I don’t feel is essential , I think a double up is essential tho and there are so many combinations. Robbo & TAA , TAA & Mane , Salah & Mane …. the list goes on. Can’t see Salah being the most popular choice tho as boot gate is still looming over his head like a giant thunder cloud. If I was going for a double up tho it would be TAA & Mane. Maybe Robbo & Mane * head explodes
I assume you mean two defenders and a mid? Honestly I don’t think it is essential but I am not in a position to do it so maybe that’s impacting my gut feeling on this. I haven’t had a Liverpool defender yet this year and I am number 26 in the world so I guess that tells you something. Oh also I meant 26 millionth. :stuck_out_tongue
I think a triple up of Liverpool is very much on the cards. I have only the double in the team but looking at the triple up with perhaps a double defence yet again. It is worth being wary though of the gw18 blank though and not leave it too late if you do plan on tripling up 5: the standout captaincy pick this week?
Due to injury concerns and the looming blank week in GW18, I don’t think a triple-up would be a great strategy, even with the good fixtures. It could put you in a situation in the future where you might need to take hits to fix some problems. Two should be enough cover. I would prioritize Mané and TAA.

> The standout captaincy pick this week?

Captaincy is gonna be toss up between Vardy & Mane , if I had to pick one for this week I’d go with Vardy & just because Brighton are missing one of their best defenders.
McGinn because he LIT IT UP for Scotland. Honestly is there a standout this week? Maybe this is the week to go for a differential?
Well it has to be Jamie Vardy doesn’t it based on current form! I’m considering a little bit of a differential actually though by going with TAA. Crystal Palace have look shot going forward with Zaha not showing much zest. Liverpool have been short of clean sheets this season but have remained defensively solid so am fancying TAA to potentially get defensive and attacking returns!
Aubameyang. The stats suggest that he is in poor form, but the eye test confirms that it’s Arsenal who are in poor form, not necessarily Aubameyang. And there’s good reason for the slump—his four recent blanks have been against the league’s 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 8th best defenses (fewest goals conceded). Most of Aubameyang’s goals have come against poor defenses. Southampton have conceded 29 goals this season, the league’s worst record, and are in horrendous form. Even if you delete their 0-9 loss to Leicester, they would still be one the league’s worst defenses. The shoe fits.


>Chelsea have a number of high ownership players, with a very tricky looking trip to the Etihad this week would you bench your Chelsea assets or roll the dice and start them?

I’m dreading this Chelsea fixture as I feel they could be about to feel the wrath of Sterling , ive got 3 Chelsea players so I’ll be benching Tomori , Abraham & Mount will get the start. City have been leaking goals so there is a good opportunity for Chelsea to score and Abraham has been in fine form. So it’s only really the Chelsea defence I’m fearful for.
I, uh, um, er, benched mine. DON’T MAKE ME DOUBT THAT NOW! #Jerk
I’ve been blessed in recent weeks by a very strong bench which has punished me in some respects with plenty of bench points. I look at the Chelsea assets playing City and the other players competing for places in the team in the likes of Lundstram and Soyuncu and am strongly considering benching some of them. Certainly Tomori will be on the bench and possibly Mount too though Abraham will be playing as he is in fantastic form right now.
This only feels like a risky move to start your Chelsea assets because of who we remember Manchester City to be from seasons past, not who they are right now. Keep in mind, City have played only three matches against teams currently in the top half of the table (LIV, WOL, BOU) where they conceded a total of six goals. City haven’t played many opponents who come close to their own ability. Meanwhile, Chelsea come into this match as the hottest team in the league with six straight wins. I wouldn’t expect a clean sheet from either team in this one, so don’t be afraid to start your midfielders and forwards on either side of the ball.

> Mason Mount is still 32.9% owned at time of writing, with good midfield options emerging in the mid-price bracket should owners who have a lot of value tied up in mount be better of keeping and waiting or making a move out now ?

As a Mason Mount owner myself of course like most of you reading this I’m also thinking he’s prob the most droppable in my team at the present time, and then there is my wandering eye glancing over at his team mate Pulisic, I feel dirty like a husband about to commit adultery even saying that but it’s true. Other players I’d swipe right to are McGinn, Tielemans , Maddison & Richarlison. For now tho I’ll be hanging onto Mount I bought him for 6.6m and he’s rewarded me handsomely for that price point. Chelsea still have a good run of fixtures so I’ve no desire to let him go just yet. Faithful Hubby.

Well he is playing again and did score for England this week so perhaps he’ll be all like ENOUGH of the American taking all of my goals. MOUNT IS BACK. But also maybe not and you should move him out. I am SUPER helpful no?
At the moment I am keeping the faith in Mount though he may be on the bench this week as mentioned above! I think there are a few options that are certainly emerging at his price bracket though. Tielemans at Leicester is one and there is certainly a case for the triple up at Leicester as well!
Mason Mount is a perfect reason why the eye test matters. He’s been very unlucky not to have more goals and assists than he does. He is playing very far forward, often looking like a second striker. Despite being taken off some corners and free kicks, he’s still heavily involved in the attack. I don’t think he’s done anything to warrant dumping him unless the structure of your team depends on cashing in on the value you’ve accrued through his price rises.

> Wolves Jimenez has 37 points in the last 5 games, at £7.3M and only 13.6% ownership is he emerging as an essential differential ?

Ah ha , alas , I’ve just brought Mr Jimenez into my team this week and I think he has showed us all that even with those pesky Europa league fixtures he’s still the main man ! No fear of rest and has started to look like Jimi of last season. Long may it continue and I think a smart buy. Especially if you can’t afford those Vardys & Rashford.

ANDY I HATE YOU NOW. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

( * Editor * i think this means yes ) 

Jimenez is making a strong case for being the third man in a template front line alongside Abraham and Vardy. They have a really nice fixture run of Bournemouth, Sheffield United, West Ham and Brighton up next as well so the attraction is undeniable. At his price and based on current form I would consider him a very decent FPL pick right now.
If you don’t already own Jiménez, you probably have to admit that you missed your chance. The best part of his favorable fixture run has passed. His next eight games are against a mixed bag of opponents, and I would only have high expectations of him in three of those. I would instead look ahead to GW21 where he has a short green streak against Watford, Newcastle, and Southampton.


> Is it now unviable to own a Manchester city defender?

Yes !! Pep has problems deciding what side of bed to get out of in the morning never mind picking his defence. I’d save those city spots for attackers. Ederson is the only solid defensive pick & even then there are better keeper options out there that are cheaper.
First of all I almost had to look up unviable so thanks for making me almost feel like a nincompoop. Second maybe just unadvisable until we see how they react from the Liverpool loss and Pep’s confusing of Kevin (see above). (Also please tell me everyone is getting the reference to The Champions?”)
The problem with the City defence is no one knows who is going to start! Midfielders are being preferred in the CBs and you are seeing rotation in the full backs. They are also very expensive and not actually keeping that many clean sheets. When you consider what the likes of Lundstram and Soyuncu offer for instance at their price or even the other Sheffield United defenders who are very much flying under the radar with very impressive points tallies then holding onto a City defender seems unnecessary.

Sure. Maybe. Maybe not. I honestly don’t know what to say about City’s defense anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

> If you had a free transfer available which super low ownership player ( -5% ) would you punt on this week based on form and fixtures ?

Ok so I’ll go with Saint Maximin 5.4m & 0.2% owned playing Villa who’ve conceded 20 goals already this season. Newcastle haven’t been beat in the last 3 and have scored 6 goals , they are dare I say it looking good and Saint Max seems to have finally got his spot in the team having started the last 3 games. Have you seen him when he starts to accelerate it’s frightening. Well thanks again for taking time to have a read and best of luck for the GW ahead , it’s great to have the FPL back.
Ings. I’m a crazy woman though.
Perhaps Deulofeu at Watford. Only 2.1% ownership but he has been showing some decent form in the past couple of weeks. Would represent a little bit of a gamble but with the price falls this season and a home match against Burnley next followed by Southampton he represents good value.
Lacazette (£9.3m, 1.7% TSB) could be a great differential option for the same reasons I think Aubameyang could haul this weekend (see my answer to #5). The added benefit for Lacazette is that he tends to play a more central role in the attack, pushing Aubameyang out to the left wing.


So there you have it, your questions have been answered by the panel now it’s down to you to make the important decisions for your squad.

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