GW6 Picks Inspired by the #FPL Community

A return for this Pre-Gameweek weekly article after my sub-35 point haul in Gameweek 5. In which I hope to capture the heart of the FPL community. I am using some well know and some lesser know FPL personas to inspire my Picks for the next Game week. The accounts I use have no affiliation with this article or the picks within. I mean no malice, I am just calling it how I see these accounts. Hopefully it is just a bit of fun when everyone is losing their Sh*t in the countdown to deadline. If anyone does not want to be included going forward just let me know.

The Exceedingly Good Pick

The inspiration for this pick is an account that is good, we maybe did not know how good. But this year has exceeded the expected output delivering good stuff weekly. With the similarities we see here the GW6 pick of Emiliano Buendia was inspired by the gents at @PlanetFPLPod, James and @sujanshah.

The diminutive Argentine has 4 assists in his 5 games played. An outstanding return from a midfielder in a promoted side. While Pukki and Cantwell have been grabbing the headlines, rightly so. Buendia has been continuing his form of last season. Where he achieved 8 goals and 12 assists for the battering ram that was Norwich. The next bank of fixtures looks quite favourable for the Canaries and a double up of the Finn and Buendia could save precious money and keep getting you returns. Away at Burnley next who have a home goal difference of 0, 3 for and 3 against.


The Revealing Pick

Something FPL took twitter by storm last week. No, I am not talking about a handsome Yorkshire man and his dodgy camera skills. I am talking about #FPLFACEREVEAL all started by our very own Norwegian Queen @Linn_FPL. Who when not walking dogs in her beautiful surroundings is getting random men to unleash their beards. She inspired this pick, with Moussa Djenepo revealing himself to have all the skills to pay the bills.

With only played 123 minutes in the league so far. Due to a culmination of adaption, manager finding his best formation and the players to match it. He does have 2 goals in this small amount of time on the pitch. With a lovely solo goal scored against Sheffield United this past game week. Add to that 86% pass accuracy, completing 6 out his 8 attempted dribbles. He also had 1 more shot on target along with his goal. Could be a threat against a very attacking Bournemouth side.


The Flaming Pick

Who this week could set the league on fire? Just like Sriracha which along with my good #FPLBeerClub buddy @3llipsis inspired this week’s Flaming pick. We look no further than last year’s favourite Scottish winger, Ryan Fraser.

Started the first four games, 90 minutes in each. The Scot was only on the bench against Everton but came on and scored direct from a free kick. Josh King played that left-wing role from the beginning, and he did really well. But Fraser is an explosive natural winger. Contract disputes behind the scenes could have played a part in his benching and performances. Hopefully he can add to his assist on GW4 and goal in GW5. He could be against Cedric or Valery in a Saints team still finding its best team and formation.


The Old School Pick

This pick is inspired by an FPL account that reveals his team in an odd manner to some, in this world of high tech reveals and the such. He likes to write a little bit about his choices next to the players and why he has picked them. It’s very inventive and its old school ways have inspired this pick. So, @ignorantplayer and his scribbles hope to have this player rolling back the FPL years. It is Marcos Alonso.

With Emerson potentially out or returning, Alonso is the go-to left back now, and he could make it his own again with some strong performances. He is not, as we know the best defender but is a force going forward with his physique and directness. He provided an assist for Tammy’s second goal, with a lovely cross for him to head it in.  Could he start and repeat his previous performances against a repeatedly exposed Liverpool backline?


The How You Doin Pick

It’s no fault of my own that when this man speaks, I listen. 1) He knows what he is on about and 2) His voice is knee tremblingly pleasing to listen to. This man can only be non-other than #FPLBEERGOD @6thgoal. Thoroughly underutilised as a source for FPL views even though he has a podcast and writes for Planet FPL and his own site. His inspiration made me look at Wilf Zaha for someone to get you a bit hot under the collar this week.

He has not really done much in his games so far. Palace impressed in the wins against Manchester UTD and Villa. But Zaha was not heavily involved in anything they did in those games. Zaha has not even registered a shot a game and has 63% success rate in what is his biggest strength, in dribbling. However, Wolves play Braga at home Today (Thursday) and then away at Selhurst on Sunday. Poor form and fatigue could be a deadly combination and allow Zaha to pounce on those tired Wolves.


The Wild Pick

The host of @FPLWildCats and all round great #FPL youtuber inspired this Wild pick. Ultimately a pick that’s not in line with just stats and more just an instinct pick. So, the good lady @FPLNym inspired this WILD pick of Gerard Deulofeu. Against the hopefully Shell-Shocked current Premier League Champions.

He had a good game in the comeback against Arsenal. Setting up Cleverley’s goal by pressing some truly awful passing out from the back. Along with that he put so much pressure on the converted right back, Maintland-Niles. As you can see from the heat map, he spent most of his time in that area. 85% pass accuracy, 8 of which were Key passes. 4 shots on target and 7 successful dribbles out of 9. He could play more central vs City in the hope to cause panic amongst the liabilities that are Stones and Otamendi.


Thank you for reading and hopefully you are enjoying this series as much as I am writing it. If you are get it shared and Retweeted. Also if you have any accounts you want me to shout out or include drop me a DM and I will see what I can do.

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