Sorare – Global Fantasy Football Beginners Guide

Sorare is a Blockchain based fantasy football game where users buy, sell, trade & collect limited player cards to enter into fantasy football tournaments to compete for prizes which currently total over 50 ETH / €10,000 each week.

Player cards are in Limited Supply, there will only be a maximum of 100 Rare’s, 10 Super Rare’s & 1 Unique card per player, per year so if you buy Victor Osimhen today, he could possibly be used for the next 10-15 years in Fantasy Football Tournaments.

Sorare is clearly quite a new concept but it is built on many solid foundations;

  • Digital Scarcity
  • Popularity of Fantasy Football
  • Growing Collectibles Market
  • Official Club Licenses (*76 so far and more coming soon)

Up until this point, we have not been able to really collect, trade, utilise and actually own digital items we have been using. Sorare changes that!

So, how do I play?

Essentially, the game has 3 core pillars;

  • Collect Player Cards
  • Play Fantasy Football
  • Earn Rewards

Once you register using this link you will get 10 common cards to begin with.

Let’s have a closer look into these 3 core pillars!

Buying, Selling, Trading & Collecting Player Cards

Individual Card Auctions

One of the most exciting ways to acquire your players is via the live marketplace. This is an auction system where Sorare release new series of the current seasons players to the market.

  • A rare will begin at 0.010 ETH (£2.41)
  • A Super Rare will begin at 0.100 ETH (£24.10)
  • A Unique will begin at 1.000 ETH (£241)

Auctions run all day and night so global users do not face any time zone disadvantages and for those inclined to do so, there can be some great opportunities at all hours! *Prices accurate at time of writing (26/07/2020)

Team Bundle Auctions

Occasionally Sorare will package up a Bundle of 5 player cards from a particular club. There have recently been Juventus, Napoli and Lazio bundles auctioned, giving new and existing users a chance to quickly buy a competitive SO5 team or collect their club favourites. There are currently no bundles available at present but keep an eye out as these are added regularly.

Player Market Sell

Users can list their cards for sale on the Transfer Market.

Cards listed will appear for sale for 48 hours at the price set by the seller. There can be some fantastic bargains to be found as users sell on cards they have won as game week prizes but you should beware of some highly inflated prices from the more opportunistic. 

Some of the latest Manager Sales today

Direct Offers

Probably the most unique element of the Sorare trading system is the ability to trade directly with other managers via Direct Offers.

Sorare users can search other managers collections and directly make them offers for their players. There have been some really creative deals already; I’ve seen players using the direct offer system to swap players for game weeks, to provide loans (of Ethereum and Players) and scenarios where 1 player was traded for an entire team.

Entering Fantasy Football Tournaments

Sorare Fantasy Football Tournaments are known as SO5 Fantasy, this is because your line-up is made up of 5 Sorare player cards.

  • 1 X Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward & Extra (DF, MD, FW)

Tournaments are FREE to enter and they occur twice a week.

Being a global fantasy football game and using OPTA as the data provider allows players from all over the world to be scored and when players move clubs or leagues, they will retain their utility in the game. So, for example, a player moving to China will continue to be able to be used in SO5 tournaments.

Competing for weekly rewards

Each week there are multiple Fantasy Football tournaments in place and these are known as the SO5 tournaments mentioned above.

Each tournament has a set of game week prizes.

Division 1 (Gameweek #83)

Division 3 (Gameweek #83)

As you can see from the above Screenshots, there are varying prizes in each SO5 tournament and many of the prizes are in the form of Rare and Super Rare cards. These can immediately be sold on the market or used in future gameweeks.

What is Blockchain?

So, first of all, you do not need a previous knowledge of blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies to get involved and enjoy this game, the user experience is really slick and a lot of this technology exists in the background.

Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack or cheat the system. It is essentially a digital ledger of transactions which are transparent across the network.

In Sorare, your Blockchain card is simply a digital collectible that has provable scarcity (fixed supply). Blockchain cards are freely tradeable and usable in other applications and games and has some of the other Blockchain-assets such as it cannot be copied or taken away from you.

However, unlike other Blockchain-assets like Bitcoin or Ether, Blockchain cards are unique in nature because they represent one and only one asset.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency platform by market capitalisation, behind Bitcoin. It is a decentralised open source blockchain featuring smart contract functionality.

On Sorare, player cards are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, they are non-Fungible tokens following the ERC721 standard.  

How do I buy Ethereum?

For me personally, Coinbase has been my preferred choice as I already had an active account and wallet setup there.

You will need to register on Coinbase and complete standard identity and verification to get started and once your confirmed it is as simple as transferring money to a friends bank account.

If you use the above links then you will also receive a bonus of £7.96 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell £79.58 or crypto.

Digital Collectibles Market

People love to collect goods and globally we are buying $370B of collectibles per year. Up until this point, there has not been a Football based collectibles market that offers actual utility for the collectibles as Sorare does via the weekly fantasy football competitions.

There are already many managers on Sorare who are more interested in the collectors market than the fantasy football side. There can only ever be a first edition 1/10 Super Rare of each player per season.

Here are a few player cards that appear to be getting bought for collector appeal rather than in-game utility.

Growing Community

There are over 1500 users on Sorare and most of these can be found on the Discord Group –

This is a great place to;

  • See Official Sorare Announcements
  • Engage with other users and the community
  • Report Bugs & Provide Feedback
  • Ask for Help
  • Agree trades for player cards

Once you’ve joined the discord then make sure to register on SorareData. This is an amazing 3rd party data provider where you can find out data on; Ongoing & historic player auctions

  • Every Manager (User) on Sorare & their player collections
  • Offers – Ongoing & Accepted
  • Sorare Charts (Site volumes, ownership, game entries, auction volumes)

  • SO5 Tournament Results
  • Card Supply of every player in Sorare
  • Player Rankings

What Next?

Get yourself registered using this link and you will get your 10 free common cards to begin entering the tournaments and see how it all works.

There is so much more that I have not covered in this piece but you can reach out if you have any questions. I’ll also be hoping to add more content as the platform develops and as new users need it.


Grant (@HibeeIndex & @IndexSorare)

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